We invite you to the world of our creativity!!

If you are pretty passionate about wedding invitations, and want to be absolutely in love with yours. We would be THRILLED to work with you to create something completely custom that is a true reflection of you and your fiancé’.

Being customer satisfaction and happiness being our primary moto, we have catered to 2000+ weddings by providing them their ideas come reality in terms of invitations, curated welcome boards, bags, etc.

why does printed wedding invitations matter?

1. They’re a meaningful tradition.

Whether you love tradition or rail against it, you can’t escape that weddings are innately traditional and there will always be certain elements that remain important. The printed wedding invitation is one of those elements and it is one tradition that is just too meaningful to lose.

2. They set the tone for your celebration.

There really isn’t a better way to introduce your guests to the style or theme of your wedding. Guests get more than just the place, date and time from the invite. They get an overall feel of your vision for the celebration and what it will entail, which builds excitement and ultimately results in a better turnout for your special day.

3. They create an experience for your guests.

Paper wedding invitations feel special, literally. You’re starting your wedding celebration off with a tangible symbol of your love and commitment to each other. When guests receive a physical invitation, they know this celebration is special and more important than the slew of other things they likely have on their calendars.

Come deep dive into our Zappy family and get your customized invites, boards and bags from us which reflects you and your partners ideas into reality for your own wedding!!!